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Capturing your life's details is a gift you'll savor for a lifetime. Whether it be big events such as births, birthdays, and anniversary celebrations -- or the day-to-day beauty in the rinse-and-repeat of after-school activities, meal prep, dirty dishes, and more -- real life is beautiful.  All of it deserves to be documented and enjoyed now, and for years to come.  I encourage you to document your life's events -- of course the big ones, but also the small, every-day details -- of you being you.  I promise that even if not immediately, later on in life you'll be so grateful for these stunning, honest photographs of these moments. But you don't have to take my word for it, peruse the content below and check out the beauty for yourselves.


Don't forget your furry friends!  For some, pets are family members too.  They are more than welcome to join in the photo documenting fun.