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Documentary Film

*Morea Steinhauer (left - associate producer) & Jennifer Baumgardner (right - director and producer) facilitating a Q&A following a NYC film screening


IT WAS RAPE (2013)  ---  60 minutes

It Was Rape by NYC-based/Fargo native Jennifer Baumgardner, is a diverse documentary film project that explores eight women telling their personal stories of sexual assault, from a Midwestern teenager trying alcohol for the first time to a Native American woman gradually coming to terms with her abusive childhood. Rape is wrong, illegal, reprehensible - and yet still tragically common.  Gripping and emotional, this film is an opportunity to empathize with people—not just absorb faceless statistics—and to puncture the silence and denial that allow sexual assault to thrive. Ultimately, these stories shed light on how this epidemic affects us all.

Working with Morea Steinhauer was like working with a creativity doula (do those exist?).  She stepped in whenever I needed a hand — whether it was finding the right words for a script, editing an interview, capturing b-roll film footage, or booking a shoot. Detail-oriented, serious, compassionate, talented, and intuitive, Morea is able to gracefully offer and receive constructive criticism. Without a doubt, she enabled me to finish my second documentary after it had become stalled. I’m grateful!
— Jennifer Baumgardner, author, activist, and executive director of the Feminist Press

It Was Rape has screened at over 300 venues across the United States and Canada. To schedule a screening at your college, university, or community center - or to purchase a copy, email