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Commercial Video Projects

Commercial work for me has taken all different shapes, scopes, and contexts.  From non-profit organizations promoting their work, to personal branding videos, to mid-sized corporations and all in between - I've helped develop, draw out, capture, and bring strong narratives into fruition to help promote the work of my clients - with the end products ranging from things like personal branding, marketing and promotion materials, email campaigns, updating websites, and more. For many of these I'm not able to share examples; however, a few with permission are shown below.  

UPEACE Centre for Executive Education - Costa Rica:  The Centre's focus is on social innovation, positive psychology and leadership, and global education in collaboration with United Nations-mandated University for Peace.  This video was created to help promote the Centre's Diploma in Social Innovation.

MEET [Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow] - Israel:  MEET's mission is to educate and empower tomorrow’s most promising Palestinian and Israeli leaders to take action towards creating positive social and political impact in the Middle East.  A collection of 6 videos was produced to reach three primary target audiences; used to recruit Palestinian and Israeli students, to reach (current/perspective) donors, as well as to appeal to and recruit MIT professors to participate in the programs.

Cindy Tran - The BEING of Leadership - NYC, USA:   marketing consulting and leadership coaching firm, founded on the belief in the intrinsic linkage between growing brands and developing people.  This video was created to help promote The Being of Leadership. [Update: Cindy is now cultivating the same approach in the business world, working as Strategy Director at in-sync - a Publicis Health's company, helping clients deliver business and human impact in healthcare.]