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"Life is short. Time is fast. No replay. No rewind.  So enjoy every moment you can, in a good way." -- Adam Gordon

In the end, what we have left are our memories. Day-in-the-Life sessions are documentary sessions with a photojournalistic approach of one day in your life.  With no posing, no set-in-stone locations or other restrictions -- these sessions' intent is to create something more significant than a typical family portrait. My favorite is when I get to come to your place before the kids are up and stay with you the entire day through bedtime routines and their falling asleep - but session for shorter periods are also a great option.

Day-in-the-Life Mini Session:  The hunt for a tree

Video:  Denise & Dave's surprise 40th wedding anniversary celebration with family & friends.

Video:  Eka's pizza-making birthday party to celebrate turning 2.

Day-in-the-Life Mini Session:  Cake-making & circus-themed 3rd birthday party