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Bras on Broadway

Fargo, North Dakota - USA  ---   Hotel Donaldson's "Bras on Broadway"

The Hotel Donaldson, a boutique hotel in Fargo, ND hosts an annual event, Bras on Broadway, that supports those within the region fighting breast cancer by providing gas cards.  Bros on Broadway was added a few years later, and together the two events has raised more than $1,000,000 within the first ten years - and every dollar has stayed in North Dakota and Northern Minnesota, helping cancer fighters.   Local artists support the fight through donations of artwork (bras, paintings, photographs, ... ) that get auctioned during the annual event.


*Featured photos are examples of some of Morea Steinhauer's collaborative contributions to the Bras on Broadway event hosted at the Hotel Donaldson in Fargo, North Dakota.  Morea's focus would be to work with community members who had been impacted by the illness and collaboratively come to express concept(s) that were important to that individual within the piece.  Crowd favorites included the photograph "I never thought I would lose a breast and gain balls" and wearable piece "Cancer is a BEACH" constructed of sea shells from the Mediterranean Sea.

"Cancer is a BEACH" -  wearable piece by Morea Steinhauer  ( photo courtesy of  Kensie Wallne r)

"Cancer is a BEACH" - wearable piece by Morea Steinhauer  (photo courtesy of Kensie Wallner)

     "I choose to live."

     "I choose to live."