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Morea Steinahuer – Photojournalist bio picture

A little insight into Morea...

Whether it be documenting community actions, protests, or other social justice actions - or it be photographing the day in the life of a family, commitment and celebration of partnerships and weddings, or birthing stories, I believe that being able to tell someone's story is a powerful gift, especially doing so non-obtrusively.  I specialize in media and social justice work, but also enjoy documenting weddings, families, births, and daily life.

Based in downtown Manhattan, but born and raised on a family farm in the northwest corner of Minnesota and a lover of food, travel, and embracing new experiences.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) in 2006 with a BA in American Studies and a BS in Individualized Studies in Photography Arts in Business and in 2009 pursued a masters degree in Gender and Peacebuilding at the UN Mandated University for Peace (Costa Rica).

I use my passions in photojournalism, mutual mentorship, and social activism to mentor and guide individuals to express their stories and life journeys. I have extensive experience as a photojournalist, providing support for students within university settings, assisting individuals with disabilities, and mentoring individuals through personal and professional growth and transformation (such as nonviolent communication, conflict transformation, etc).  My work within media and social justice has lead to collaborative projects within North & Central America, the Caribbeans, and locations like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Haiti.  

But nothing makes my heart smile like when I get to photograph the celebration of love an union. Destination weddings have taken me throughout the USA (primarily in the upper Midwest, East Coast, and South), Italy, Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Canada with upcoming weddings in Australia, Egypt, and Mexico.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work ... and feedback always welcome! Contact me at: as I am always open to exploring potential collaborations and projects.  -m   |   701.388.0934   |

‘It Was Rape’ private screening in Tribeca, NYC


00009web*Morea Steinhauer and Jennifer Baumgardner facilitating Q&A after the screening

The documentary film project ‘It Was Rape’ by Fargo native Jennifer Baumgardner that Morea helped contribute as the associate producer has come into fruition!  Approximately 65 friends, family, contributors, and collaborators were in attendance at the private screening on Dec 4, 2012. Screenings are starting to be scheduled nationally, but you can check out the trailer here (or make your inquiry to book a screening in your area).

Melanie & OJ — Peace River, Alberta Canada


Melanie and OJ met in northern Manitoba, but celebrated their love with their friends and family in a Ukrainian town called Peace River in Alberta Canada that is located about 5.5 hours north of Edmonton. The weather, fall colors, and landscape were a perfect setting for an incredible day. The celebrations even included traditional Ukrainian dancing, delicious cuisine like perogies & cabbage rolls, and the bride rockin’ the mic.

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In September I had the brief opportunity to hang out with Zane and his awesome mommy Carol. He is such a sweet, happy-go-lucky, curious young man.  Checkout this quick preview of this litte honey…00009 00014 00015 00042 00047

Veronica turns 40 (& has mad fun in a photo booth)

Veronica is a special person to many. Pretty sure to all she meets.  She might argue that that isn’t the case, but don’t let her fool you — she’s awesome!  And when someone is awesome and turns 40, obviously the thing that must be done is have a rad party to celebrate. Veronica did this by gathering all the people that are awesome in her life, having delicious food, adult cocktails, music, and a photo booth.  The photo booth served as a means to document all the beautiful people in her life and the fun being had that night.  Super fun way to document the fun indeed!

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And because I too love Veronica, here’s one fun one of the Mo enjoying the free expression of the photo booth too :)IMG_0775web

Oli y Lu – Switzerland

What a week! There were clowns, preachers, Kimonos, and mop-men…oh my!  But in all seriousness there were a week long of adventures of chocolate and cheese factory tours, skiing and skating, UN tours, live skating performances, and a ridiculously amount of delicious food. Beautiful to share in celebrating a couple that has so much love (and languages) floating around them. Definitely not your ordinary celebration of the union of a couple coming together, but this week-long adventure was filled with an uncountable amount of amazing memories.  Here’s to you both, your love, and your gratitude for all the incredible people that the universe has brought into your lives.  The following are just a very small selection…

00199 0019700211

Instead of having traditional rings, the couple opted for showcasing different symbols of their love and commitment. Lu with a tattoo, and Oliver with a bracelet that was originally his father’s.00214002240023000287 00274 00261 00257 00249


Reverend Billy (pictured on the right) is a political activists from New York City known most famously for his Church of Stop Shopping — and close friend of Oliver’s late father.00242

The mop-man is a prop used within Rev Billy’s international activism creating public awareness of oil spills. (Pictured here is the uncle-of-the-bride :)00231003220033300359003450038400397

2011 Bras on Broadway Piece — “Life is good…I choose to live.”

Powerful collaborative experience for me in working with Janine to come to this Bras on Broadway piece.  Even more power are her words (listed below).  She is an incredible woman and I am so excited to celebrate her, her story, and this collaborative piece at this years event.  Hope to see you at the 2011 Bras on Broadway event on Thursday Oct 27 from 7-10pm+ at the Hotel Donaldson.  Want more info and/or attend?  Click here.

“Life is good…I choose to live.”

“I watched two women I love dearly battle cancer with grace, courage and bravery unlike I have ever seen. Whether it was a good or bad day I heard “Life is Good” and humor which would comfort us all. I want to take their message further and say I choose to live because life is good. They are with me and will give me strength when I need it most.”

This was my first entry to my caringbridge page and set the course for my attitude during my journey with breast cancer. This photo brings the two together as the rosary in my hands is the rosary of my mother, given to me by my father during my treatments. Finally it represents Faith that I was going to come out of this journey with a cure…Faith in God, my doctors, and my friends and family to see me through the journey.

—Janine Trowbridge


Janine is a powerful, dynamic, and bold woman.  Her positive energy and essence is so beautiful.  A glimpse of her amazingness and her effect on people can be see below :)

Sam’s + Senior Photos = Stunning!

Sam is the younger sister of Leah and we had  a blast doing her senior photos within the beautiful backdrop of the iron range within the northeast side of the state.  Truly an incredibly beautiful part of Minnesota, but add a dynamic Sam, some beautiful light — and BAM! — results in some amazing portraits!

Family Farm

Lake Family Fun!






People from  Minnesota sure do know how to enjoy their lake country, and this family is no exception.  But even more celebrated than the water are these two little girls — Hazel and Maddie.  Just a quick preview of the fun we had that weekend.

Christina + Paul = Married 6.25.2011

When attending a wedding, it is very strange for me to photograph less than 75 frames.  And it’s also just as crazy/strange to have 7 couples that you know (4 of whom are very close friends) all get married globally on the same day.  Who knew that June 25, 2011 was the ‘day-of-love’ for so many of the people that I love?  Not this girl before receiving all the invites and inquiries to photograph.

How did this one win out? Well, this was truly no ordinary wedding — it was a celebration of life-long companionship between two amazing people, one of which is my closest friend.  Christina and I first met back in 2002 as freshmen in college and we’ve have super close ever since.  (And it also helped that they are super organized and were the first one to reserve the date. 😉 It was an honor to be able to help them celebrate their relationship and commitment to one another.  Here’s to being “shoes that fit”!  Love you both. -m